I was an oddball child that would do strange things when I was bored. When I was a bored 6th grader, I picked up a guitar, and that's when my passion for music began.

From then on, I never stopped finding quirky things to do in my spare time. I dabbled a bit in video editing and picture editing as a middle schooler. In high school, I did a bunch of covers of songs, and I eventually recorded a few of them and attempted to mix them (key word: attempted) by the time I turned 18.

Then I got to college, and I found more things to do. I've expanded from music projects to computer science projects and music technology projects. About four of these were for a specific class. The rest were either out of boredom, curiosity, obsession, intrigue, or a strange combination of them all.

I was about to create a tab of finished vs. unfinished projects. But then I realized that nothing I ever do is ever completely finished. I constantly revisit projects after months and years, searching for ways to tweak them. The time period I typically put as a completion date is the time where my first "public" draft came out. The time where it's actually functional, usable, or whatever.

So let the journey begin!