Music Projects

I've been doing music projects for fun since my first crappy transcription of "Be The One" by the Fray on snare drum when I was 12. Or well technically I tried to emulate the drumset part since I tried to make a bass drum sound by turning my snares off. Yeah, that ended up a disaster.

Fast forward 8 years! Now, my music side projects are my way of both unwinding and doing work at the same time. I've been doing covers ever since high school when I started to perform in the talent shows. I'd add as many parts that I could play. It's moments like these where it's handy being a guitarist, drummer, and pianist. Now, I've built up a large repertoire of covers of various rock songs from Journey to Nightwish. When I got to college, I started composing a tiny bit, and now I'm trying to keep up at least one composition project at any given time, since I realized I have a knack for it.

So here are my covers, and here are my compositions and arrangements!